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Working Happily From Home (WHFH): Internal Communications – The New Way


With all my years working in Corporate Communications space, I have never seen a more crying need to overhaul this space. And rightfully so.

As we creep slowly into newer working models, and in some cases as employees trudge back into the workspace, we have to pull back and realise that hybrid / WFH models are here to stay. We will have to renavigate to adopt mediums that will engage employees remotely and improve productivity while doing so. And let’s remember that these mediums will have to stay flexible and customizable to suit everchanging needs of the work environment, ensuring they will always be accessible and more importantly – they will work!

Our clients come to us with similar predicaments: looking for change and innovation that will help a disengaged and, in some cases, – demotivated workforce, back on track.

We’ve put a few of the options we have at hand, those that are working considerably well, in line with the new way of working:

Mobile application or intranets on the go as we believe it to be. As we see an increasingly deskless workforce, giving them access to information, data, connect with teams and leadership on the go, is the way to go. On the go being most key here, employees are now looking for more real time easy to access company information and engagement initiatives. Mobile apps however are not just a mere database management platform. They offer you ease to carry out engagement pulse surveys, rewards and recognition campaigns, instant messaging, training and much more. They can also serve as your one stop shop for all HR needs. How engaged or information heavy you need it to be, can be customized.

Gamification – More than an information sharing medium which of course it is not, we have to look at this as purely engagement. Can we put aside work, and focus on just connecting with our employees? Many companies are just about opening up to this new platform. The online gaming world is fast becoming a break from work. Use it to create a rewards & recognition programme, connecting it back to achieving targets at work and increasing productivity levels.

Intranets – Yes, this is not new but how can we use this platform innovatively? We are referring to using it to enable AI linked employee pulse surveys, onboarding journeys for new recruits, embed enhanced video software to help employees create their own video content to make for a more inclusive and engaging content on the platform contributing to the voice of the company.

As we approach new internal communications strategies, we should accept that not one size fits all. Customizable solutions and more than one channel will be the way ahead for organizations looking to enhance employee engagement.

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