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Meghna Parekh – Founder & CCO

Founder & CCO

When Meghna Parekh started a creative communication company over 15 years ago, she started with a bang. With big clients and little help, Meghna let her work & dedication speak volumes.
With her sharp,  creative genius, Meghna has single-handedly built BLC portfolio from strength to strength. Her trademark calmness and instantaneous creativity makes her stand tall among giants.
Build a creative language, let the language take over the culture – her firm belief and ethos has transformed the corporate communication efforts of many clients till date.
Mother of BLC & a precocious daughter , connoisseur of everything creative, masterchef at large, boss lady – Meghna has made life a D-I-Y project and a successful one at that!

Hirak Kapasi Goud

Content & Servicing Head

 Communications strategist. Compulsive collector of communication tactics. Favours foresight over hindsight. Firm believer that a brand is a promise to the customer, and a good brand is the one that
keeps the promises. With around a decade of experience working for international and national brands in the fields of branding, external & internal communication strategies, content curation,
Hirak brings a global, fresh and a business positive perspective to the table. Hirak’s inbuilt six sigma approach ensures communication efforts work each time, every time.
Wacky comedienne – perhaps not, compulsive Netflix binger – more so, tea addict – absolutely!

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