Our story

Early 2000s. Rise of the BPO industry. Floodgates for design and communication opportunities opened up. One leading BPO was willing to invest in brand-led communication to its 20,000+ employee base across India. That’s when we started out as a prototype of an employee communication design studio. What would it look like? Who would it work with? How would it grow?

Today as BLC, our underlying ethos of creating a distinctive design that works in the real world stays unchanged. As we work across sectors to bring a compelling and worthwhile B2B communication experience to clients and stakeholders, it makes us the next-generation company that we are.

People first, scale later

Most of our work involves equal parts people and craftsmanship. We believe that good ideas are born in the mind, and that it should always run free. We cherish the joys of creating and crafting out of fresh ideas. When we’re done, each of us takes pride in what we send out, right down to the last pixel.